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Project 1 Cushion Cover

Video + Pattern + Instructions


Make with a good quality, predominately cotton, Mens/Ladies Shirt.

This cushion can be used at school to make your chair more comfortable, as you complete your Primary education over the next 2 years.

You will have the opportunity to make your cushion individual and unique, by firstly choosing a good quality shirt that you love and secondly by putting some extra detail on the front of your cushion. More information about this part of the project will be supplied with the instructions.

We will use the buttoned section of the shirt, as our opening, to insert the cushion filler, on completion of your project. You can source this cushion filler, as well as the shirt, at the ‘Op Shop’ or remove a cushion insert from a disused cushion at home. The cushion size is 35cm x 35cm.

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