"Stitching up the past"

Project 3 Set of Produce bags in 3 sizes

Video + Pattern + Instructions


Make with lightweight recycled Tee Shirts. A tee shirt is required for each bag.

These bags are great to use at the supermarket to collect loose fruit and vegetables ready to be weighed at the check out. You can also use them to transport food to school and therefore avoid any type of wrapping.

Choose good quality light cotton tee shirts to make your bags. I call all my recycled bags ‘Star Bags’ which is related to the school idea of getting a ‘Star’ for good work. To keep it simple, I trace the outline of a large star on the front of the bag and then using the machine and some bright cotton, I sew around the edges of the star to make it stand out. My favourite cottons are ‘Fluoro’ colours as they look great! A ‘Star’ pattern shape, as well as a pattern for each sized bag, is included in this project.

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